Die casting is a process characterized by forcing multi-metal under high pressure into a mould cavity. Most die castings are made from non-ferrous metals such as magnesium, lead, copper, zinc, aluminium, magnesium, etc. Die casting is needed in various industries such as the automobile, telephone industries, etc.

In the UK, there is an increasing market demand for aluminium die casting and there are several die casting manufacturers also in UK. It is, therefore, necessary that you know the top die casting manufacturers in the UK as you would always want to go for the best manufacturers.

In this article, I will show you the top 10 aluminium die casting manufacturers in the UK

Midland Pressure Die Casting Limited

Location: Birmingham, West Midlands

Company type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2000

Main Products: Aluminium die casting

Other Products: CNC Machining, tooling manufacture.


Midland Pressure Die Casting Limited is among the leading manufacturers of die casting in the UK. This company was founded in 2000 and they have grown to become a multi-million pounds enterprise. One of the things I find spectacular about this company is their quest to provide excellent, first-rate products and services to their customers. They carry on their business operations with state-of-the-art equipment and they comply with the best industry standards and practices.

Also, I realized this company is diversified in their activities. Asides from die casting, they offer a wide array of services such as CNC machining, tooling manufacture, etc. They also engage in tool design and total project management.

This enterprise pride themselves on their deep-seated commitment to producing qualitative and excellent products for their customers. Yes, you’re assured of the quality of their products.

AME Pressure Die Casting Limited

Location: West Bromwich

Company type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1999

Main Products: Aluminium die casting

Other Products: Assembly


Formerly known as “J.J.S. Die-Casting Limited”, AME Pressure Die Casting Limited is a reputable high-pressure precision zinc manufacturer in the UK. They provide zinc castings to their customer base all over the world. I realized that this company has a large customer base that spans across all industries all over the world. Their annual income is modelled to be over 400,000 dollars.

This enterprise carry on their business activities with cutting-edge equipment and facilities. Their fast-cycling fully automated hot chamber die castings cells produce the finest and qualitative castings. They are committed to delivering first-class output through their use of first-rate technologies.

Also, another spectacular thing about AME Pressure Die Casting Limited is their incredible working environment and the best human resources strategy. They continually train and empower their wide array of workers. Hence, facilitating the quality of their output. Given this enabling work environment, every product you get from them would’ve been carefully produced in each stage of the production.

This company prioritize customer satisfaction and they strive toward maintaining excellence in their output

McDonald Diecasting Limited

Location: Tipton

Company type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1930

Main Products: Aluminium die casting

Other Products: Machinine


McDonald Diecasting Limited is a family-owned company that has been in existence for over 90 years. I gleaned that they are part of the top-rated zinc die casting manufacturers in the UK. They provide exceptional die casting services and high specification finishes as occasion demands. This company seek to become the UK’s leading manufacturer of speciality finished die cast components across various markets.

They pride themselves on their profound commitment to continuously provide customers with leading-edge, quality die casting solutions. They offer full-service solutions, ranging from design, prototyping, tool design to the production. Their customer base traverse several industries such as home, medical, leisure and other industry sectors.

Another amazing thing you should know about this enterprise is that they are equipped with first-rate technology and their use of leading-edge finishing processes. McDonald Diecasting Limited produce aesthetically attractive products. They carry on their business operations with careful attention to details and adherence to the best industry strategy. They have the mission to enhance human interaction with every product they produce and their goal is to continuously provide customer-driven, outstanding casting solutions.

Carlton Die Castings

Company type: Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1947

Main Products: Aluminium die casting

Other Products: Machining


They are reputable as one of the foremost manufacturers of gravity and high pressure die castings. They offer exceptional die casting services to their customers and they also have extensive CNC machining capacity. They have a wide market range such as explosion-proof floodlights for oil rigs, oil exploration, oil regulator valves, NATO vehicles, telecoms, electronics etc.

I realized that this company provide robust and professional die casting solutions. More so, given their extensive CNC machining capacity, their service are unparalleled and they strive toward maximum customer satisfaction. Their in-house CNC machine shop has about 19 machines and vacuum impregnation.

Carlton Die Castings offer full service die casting solution right from the design to the production stage. Also, they have a professional and experienced workforce. The company have in-house engineers who have substantial expertise in die casting processes and machining. Also, you should know that this enterprise are big on quality output. In carrying out their die casting operations, they ensure thorough training and working procedures, full batch tractability and also bar code scanning.

So, be assured that this company produces qualitative outputs.

Kemlows Die Casting Products Ltd

Location: WicKford, England

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 1946

Main products: Aluminium die casting and Zinc high pressure die casting

Other products: CNC machining


This company is a well known UK die casting company that specializes in both aluminium and zinc high pressure die casting services. They are a one-stop-shop for your casting, engineering and manufacturer needs.

They serve a large number of customers in the UK, Europe and US. Their customer base spreads across several industries such as the telecommunications, automotive, electronics, marine, medical, etc. This enterprise ensure good component design for their products through a full in-house component design capability utilising solid works assembly and testing facilities.

 This company produces quality outputs that are compliant with BS EN 150 9001: 2008 and ISO/ TS 16949: 2009. Also, their aluminium and zinc alloys are fully certified as compliant with BS140.

In producing their aluminium high pressure die casting, they have casting capability across six machines with locking forces from 125 to 900 tonne that enable them to produce aluminium parts of up to 12 kg shot weight.

They also use top-rated technology in their production processes. At the design stage, the company uses CAD station to complete the visualization of customer designs. They have an on-site CNC machine shop with 9 different state-of-the-art CNC machining centres. With them, you are certainly getting one of the best die casting products.

Haworth Castings Ltd.

Location: Hamsey and Basingstoke, Hamspshire, England

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 1967

Main product: Aluminium die casting

Other products: Sand casting, gravity castings, core making, hipping, heat treatment.


This is a top UK aluminium sand casting and gravity die casting foundry and machining centre. This company has a wide range of tools they use in delivering quality sand casting or gravity die casting projects. They specialize in the production of fully machined, tested and finished aluminium yellow metal, brass, bronze and copper-based sand castings and gravity die castings.

They boast of bringing their over 69 years of experience onboard to offer the best service to their customers. With them, you can be assured you’re getting the best die casting. They have a BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation that certifies their products as of very high standards.

One thing I find interesting about them is that they have a wide array of customers in different industries such as defence, aviation, energy, automotive, safety-critical, etc. I discovered that this enterprise is really big in enhancing casting sustainability.

They reduce waste by recycling almost all their raw materials and re-using them in the casting process. They however send off a very small proportion as scrap. They also ensure environmental sustainability by effectively managing and reducing carbon emissions in their operations.

Every two years, this enterprise invite independent auditors to examine their facilities and emission levels. They also use only chemically bonded sand systems that comply with current environmental regulations.

This company has dedicated technical project managers that meticulously oversee the production process. They also ensure the safety of their employees by conducting regular safety servicing of their machinery and tools and ensuring their staff always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Avon PDC Die Casting

Location: Birmingham, England

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 1920

Main product: Aluminium die casting

Other products: CNC machining.


Originally, this company specialized in the production of zinc fasteners from raw zinc to completed zip. However, their amalgamation made them venture into the die casting industry. What I discovered is that this company is a result of amalgamation of different die casting manufacturers.

This company was established from the amalgamation of IMI precision die castings and Avon die castings in 1998.  They are a subsidiary of the Ricak group of companies, a holding company with interest in metal processing, wire forming, fire blanking, etc.

In 2009, the Kenwell precision die casting joined them. In 2011, they were bought by the BSC Die Casting and Finishing. This enterprise specialize in manufacturing zinc and aluminium die casting. They have acquired a track record of providing their customers with top-notch die casting products.

I gleaned that they have a large customer base which includes the architectural, hardware, electronic, automotive, construction and medical sectors. I find it particularly interesting that this enterprise use the best equipment to manufacture high-quality aluminium die casting of over 3kgs. They are also keen on perfect finishing of their products with decorative and functional finishes.

Dynacast UK

Location: Welsh pool, UK

Company type: Manufacturing

Year funded: 2000

Main product: Aluminium die casting

Other products: CNC machining.


This is a very large, ultra-modern die casting manufacturer in the UK. They are a leading global manufacturer of small engineered precision components using proprietary multi-slide die casting and tooling techniques. They’ve over 70 years of experience in the die casting industry.

What I find outstanding about them is that they have the largest zinc pressure die casting in the UK. They use quality materials and leading-edge technologies in their business operations. This company has 13 multi-slide proprietary zinc die casting machines, 10 standard zinc die casting and precision tool building with in-house capabilities all of which they use in their productions. They also have various metals with different tensile strength, hardness and elongation for different productions.

This company offers several die casting services ranging from prototyping, modelling, designing, polishing, tumbling, thermal die-burning, shot blasting, etc. They boast of several certifications such as ISO 450012:2018 United Kingdom, ISO 9001: 2015 United Kingdom, IATF 16949: 2016 United Kingdom.

I discovered that they offer multiple solutions to their clients’ die casting needs to produce zero-defect, quality products. They use hot-chamber die casting for low melting alloys such as zinc magnesium either by proprietary multi-slide or standard tooling.

 They also use cold-chamber die casting for metals with high melting points such as aluminium to liquefy metals in a furnace at very high temperatures and then ladled them into a cold chamber to be injected into the die. If they want to produce thin-walled components with highly complex geometry, they resort to using multi-slide die casting which is a high-speed, temperature-controlled process.

Shield Aluminium Die Casting

Location: Northamptonshire, UK

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 1994

Main product: Aluminium die casting

Other products: CNC machining, assembly and finishing.


Shield aluminium die casting is a leading die casting manufacturer that offers complex engineered aluminium components. They’re a subsidiary of the Shield group. They have over 160 experienced and highly skilled engineers, technicians and designers. They offer a wide range of aluminium die casting services such as high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, gravity die casting, etc.

I discovered they specialise in the machining of assembly of cast and forged parts, design and manufacture of jigs, fixtures and purpose machinery. They offer quality products for their customers, featuring quality assured contact heat treatments and protective finishes. They also operate to YS 16949, hence you can be assured of quality productions here

This enterprise offers both small and large die casting to their wide array of customers in the construction, automotive, power generation and gas industries. I discovered they have supplied over 2,000 different products worth over 80 million pounds.

Harrison Castings LTD

Location: Leicester, England

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 19190

Main product: Aluminium die casting

Other products: CNC machining.


They’re a leading, modern aluminium foundry in the UK. They supply raw and fully machined aluminium castings for many applications to diverse top-tier clients. Their customer base spans across various industries such as machine tools, defence, pumps, valves, medical equipment, construction equipment, articulated trucks, photo imaging, printing, general engineering, etc.

To produce quality output, they ensure extensive processes and technical capabilities in their production processes such as shot blast, extensive metal control, and heat treatment. The enterprise also ensure proper testing and inspection for their products. They have a dedicated laboratory to ensure all their castings always have the finest metallurgical properties. They also have full accreditation to BS ISO 9001: 2015 and this stands them out.

I gleaned that annually, they produce over 1,500 tonnes of quality aluminium sand castings. Annually, they generate a revenue of $29 million. They also have foundry capabilities such as CNC machining services, pattern making, core making, finishing, heat treatment, etc.


Although there are many die casting manufacturers in the UK,  I have highlighted and explained in detail the top 10 aluminium die casting in UK. This would aid you to make the best purchasing decision whenever you need the product of a UK die casting manufacturer.

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