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Aluminum castings are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, heat-treatable metal components that are highly conductive and easy to customize. Therefore, they are ideal for cars since they improve fuel efficiency by reducing the vehicle’s overall weight.

The global aluminum die-casting market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7 percent between 2022 and 2028, from USD 22910 million in 2021 to USD 34870 million by 2028.

The worldwide aluminum casting market is home to a wide range of distinct local and international firms. These companies continually invest in developing new products and technologies to stay cost-efficient and competitive in the market. The following are the top 10 manufacturers of aluminum castings in the USA:

Location: Sanbei Industrial Development Zone, Longshan Town, Cixi, Zhejiang China

Main products: mold making, casting


Leading Chinese manufacturer CASTINGOD is developing a reputation in the aluminum die-casting sector. The company’s comprehensive one-stop solution seeks to make the creation and manufacturing procedures simpler for all clients. As a result, they can help at every step of the process, from basic design to casting and that crucial surface treatment in excellent plants.

With more than 20 years in the industry, they have the expertise and skills to confidently tackle each project. They are happy to adapt and change methods to match your needs, whether you’re seeking reliable medical equipment, top-notch architectural components, or car parts.

They have the expertise and skills to handle any task securely and are willing to adapt and modify methods to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for dependable medical equipment, high-quality architectural components, or car parts.

Xometry, Inc.

Location: Derwood, MD

Main products: metal injection molding, die casting, metal stamping


Xometry, Inc. is a premier provider of aluminum and zinc casting, among other materials, with headquarters in Derwood, MD. The company collaborates with casters who offer high-quality, on-demand parts using the most recent casting technology.

Its product line is concentrated on the two most popular casting processes, hot chamber casting, and cold chamber casting. Both can create components with intricate geometries, precise tolerances, and durable mechanical qualities.

CAB Incorporated

Location: Buford, GA

Main products: bearing components, bearings, blocks


In Buford, Georgia, CAB Incorporated provides forgings, machining, modeling, and fabrication in addition to sand, investment, high-pressure die, and low-pressure mold castings. Steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, zinc, and magnesium alloys are among the castings it produces.

Offshore Direct Metals, Inc.

Location: Cocoa Beach, FL

Main products: discs, drilling services, fabrication services


The headquarters of Offshore Direct Metals are in Cocoa Beach, Florida. In addition to castings in aluminum, zinc, steel, and iron, they also offer plastic extrusions and injection molding, metal extrusions, coils, circles, billets, plates, sheets, and parts.

Littlestown Foundry, Inc.

Location: Littlestown, PA

Main products: casting services, anvils, assembly services


Littlestown Foundry in Littlestown, PA, provides aluminum sand castings up to 20 lbs. in 356 and 319 alloys. The company, which specializes in commercial castings, also provides lab services, machining, testing, and finishing.

DyCast Specialties Corp.

Location: Starbuck, MN

Main products: nameplates, plating services, pulleys


DyCast Specialties Corp. in Starbucks, Minnesota, specializes in aluminum and zinc die casting with a +/-.0025 tolerance for up to 10 lbs. Additionally, the company provides assembly, tooling, machining, finishing, and prototyping. Deburring, assembling, annealing, machining, plating, coating, and painting are some of its additional services.

K & H Precision Products, Inc.

Location: Honeoye Falls, NY

Main products: automotive parts, bases, boring services


K & H Precision Products in Honeoye Falls, New York, provides aluminum and zinc casting utilizing plaster, sand, and hybrid molds. The company frequently uses zinc 3, 5, and 12 and aluminum alloys 319, 355, and 380 during casting.


Location: Indianapolis, IN

Main products: furniture parts, hardware, hook and loop fasteners


IQE offers capital and sand casting, stamping, forging, and injection molding for additional materials in Indianapolis, Indiana, in addition to aluminum die casting. The company also sells construction clamps and stock rigging hardware.

Specialized Castings

Location: Greenville, OH

Main products: patterns, plates, prototyping services


Greenville, OH-based Specialized Castings specializes in aluminum short-run and prototype castings, with prototypes weighing up to 4,000 pounds. They involve additional CNC machining, designing patterns, finishing services, testing, and inspection, in addition to sand, green sand, and rubber plaster casting.

Alumicast, Inc.

Location: Dallas, GA

Main products: machining, pump parts, treatment services


In Dallas, Georgia, Alumicast provides services to the construction, transportation, and energy industries. The company offers further core making, heat treatment, and shot blasting services in addition to its expertise in green sand aluminum foundry operations.

Mardek, LLC

Location: North Hero, VT

Main products: cleaners, dispensers, engine parts


Mardek produces aluminum, beryllium, steel, magnesium, nickel, titanium, and zinc in North Hero, Vermont. It provides hot and cold forging, manufacturing, and finishing services in addition to casting services such as die, investment, sand, fixed mold, and injection molding.


Location: Lewis Center, OH

Main products: gaskets, grommets


MES, situated in Lewis Center, Ohio, provides CNC machining, assembly, forging, extrusion, die and investment casting, and more. It uses aluminum, magnesium, zinc, brass, and copper for investment casting and iron, steel, and nickel for die casting.

Dynacast International

Location: Charlotte, NC

Main products: dies, fabrication services


In Charlotte, North Carolina, Dynacast International provides conventional, multi-slide, hot chamber, cold chamber, injection metal assembly, and zinc, aluminum, and magnesium die casting. They provide services to a variety of industries, including the consumer electronics, healthcare, and automotive sectors.

LeClaire Manufacturing

Location: 3225 Zimmerman Drive, Bettendorf, IA 52722

Main products: tool & die manufacturing


LeClaire Manufacturing, a family-owned and operated sand, and permanent mold aluminum casting company, has been in operation since 1966. They provide value-added services like engineering and tool construction, heat management, core making, real-time x-raying, impregnating, anodizing, cutting, and painting in addition to aluminum castings.

They are experts in prototyping, tool and dye manufacturing, machining, permanent mold casting, and sand casting.

Spectron Manufacturing

Location: Colorado 80402

Main products: sanding, milling, drilling


Spectron Manufacturing is a renowned die-casting company that offers precise tooling, as well as zinc and aluminum die castings.

They have a team of plant operators, control room technicians, and quality workers who all work together to ensure that casting machine performance exceeds or meets deadlines and customer specifications. They also work with a number of excellent commercial painters and carry out a variety of auxiliary tasks like milling, drilling, tapping, sanding, and assembling.

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